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Protecting our Communities amidst Covid19

Mitigating the Covid 19 - Corona Virus Crisis in the Serendipia Coliving & Coworking Homes.

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‼️ We are currently in the middle of a health and economic crisis that has never been seen before. Our mission at Serendipia is to build flourishing and inclusive communities for more sustainable, loving and happy beings in harmony with their environment. Last weeks have been challenging but it pushes us constantly to rethink how we can keep fostering healthy and happy communities. We have been working hard with our team over the last couple of weeks to protect and cherish it as it is our baby.

Priorities of the Serendipia Homes:

1️⃣ We communicate openly about it.

We organize community meetings and discuss what each of you are doing to prevent spreading the virus. This includes communicating who you have been in contact with in order to protect the community under our roof.

2️⃣ We have the highest standards for hygiene and cleanliness.

We have always encouraged our members to clean up after themselves when not using the common areas, but this is really important now. Using the ‘sanitize’ setting on the dishwasher, wiping down surfaces and washing your hands regularly are also key preventative measures.

3️⃣ We respect social distancing.

Only because we are all in the same house, doesn't mean you have to all hang out close together. Get creative with different rooms, especially if you're lucky enough to have different indoor and outdoor spaces to hang out in.

4️⃣ We think positive and have a long term outlook.

Nothing compares to the value of a supportive community of like-minded individuals willing to support and help each other out in challenging times. That’s how we can be safer, better and more resilient. As we stand together against the coronavirus, it is giving humans the opportunity to really reflect on what is important. Nothing lasts forever, we’d like to believe that there will be a positive outcome after we all pull through this collectively.

Amidst social distancing measures, you rather have a cool quaranteam than staying alone. As long as nobody leaves the house and nobody new is coming inside. Of course, we had to ensure everyone in the house is safe before quarantine. If you need to stay stuck somewhere, you rather be in a coliving space with friends than alone. However, to ensure the safety of our community here are best practices we have implemented and recommended. Kristie our awesome intern and Christine our amazing community manager designed it together, thanks a lot guys:

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These posters are helping us to be mindful of the situation, while exemplifying the best ways to combat the virus. Our community managers have also been great about taking other preventative measures- such as wiping down all surfaces, doorknobs, and handles constantly with disinfectant. While we are a sharing community, we collectively realize that now is not the best time to be sharing food and drinks! The large bottle of hand sanitizer at the entrance has become our best friend as well, greeting all upon entering the door with a fresh dose of sanitation to kill off all outside germs.

As this situation evolves, we want to reassure our members and community that we will continue to work hard to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Our team continues to work and we are incredibly grateful to be able to keep all operations running as normal to supporting Serendipians.

We send supportive and loving thoughts to everyone during this time.


J-Lo, Drew, Christine, Sam & a Positive Global Community of Change Makers and Shakers ❤️