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Update - April 10, 2020

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Hi Serendipians, 🙃

Thank you so much for your continuous support, we are very grateful to have all of you to help on our journey. 🙌 I hope you are doing great and your loved ones are safe and healthy. ☀️As you can see in the screenshot above from an Instagram chat with one of our users, the community at Serendipia left in our houses has stayed very positive, loving, and warm. Which has been fantastic to notice! It was hard work to create harmony.
Positivity is a superpower, as our mentor Gina Kloes always says, you think you CAN or you think you CAN'T, you are absolutely right. At Serendipia we choose to be the most optimistic people in the room because only optimists can change the world, backed by solid data of course. Why I emphasize on this today is because I see so many people around me right now seeing difficulties and obstacles and being uncertain. But chaos is the mother of creativity, embrace it!

Quick update on the last week ✨
- Completed the private membership on our website with a slight redesign, allowing us to automate further the vetting of our community and booking system.
- We are slowly wrapping up the accelerator. The Demo Day exercise forces us to become more concise and precise about our next steps to scale our company which is great. The opportunity on the B2B side of empowering coliving operators, buildings manager and entrepreneur to create their own coliving space powered by Serendipia became clear.
- Our pitch deck and pitch script are getting closer to completion and we are grateful for Riccardo, Johann, Tibor, Marine, Matthew and Domi for helping us to perfect it.
- We put a quick hold on development. Now that we have basic features done and before to continue to burn cash on development we want to put more process and structure around features choices. We are creating user stories, use cases, and creating a structure interviewing more potential customers to collect more data around the next features we need to build. From the last 6 years of managing and founding coliving space, we have a good foundation of knowledge. But we need to collect more data from the market and potential customers to avoid biases.

Highlights & Wins 🙌
- We have gotten more demand again for our coliving spaces, our community is really positive and grateful to have each other in tough times. Respecting all the hygiene measures needed. It shows that people during corona crisis need affordable housing more than ever, of course, everyone has to respect STRONG hygiene and safety measures. And anyone new coming has to sign a discharge of being healthy.
- Asset light business model moving forward is clear: B2B SaaS 1st Coliving-as-a-service experience, collecting fees on bookings, products and services sold on through our platform, and management/licensing fees.
- Our users in our houses have been of a great mood lately and it's awesome!

KPIs 📈(Our landlords are forgiving of most of the rent, we are lucky, it's constant communication and negotiation.)
April: Sales: $ 10,121 / Occupancy rate: 46.69%
May: Sales: $ 6,515 / Occupancy rate: 33.68%
June: Sales: $9,123 / Occupancy: 36.15
July: Sales: $11,296 / Occupancy: 44.66%

We look for more real estate owners, coliving operators and coliving entrepreneurs to interview please. Any warm intro would be awesome. Thanks a lot. 🙏

Think positive and stay strong!
Serendipitously yours,
J-Lo, Drew, & the whole Serendipia team.


P.S. In case you missed out on last week's update, we got you. Go here and write the password: " InnerCommunity2020".