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Update: Q3 + October 2020

We hope you are doing great and rocking the last quarter of of 2020. 😁 A year that has been full of ups and downs. But who says risk, says opportunities! Right? We are grateful to have you part of our journey. 🙏
You are receiving this email because you asked to be updated about the progress we are making with the Serendipia Lifestyle, our communities and mission to reconnect people in a more conscious manner. 🌍☮️
Quick Summary & Wins

- We tried out a new business model that is asset light by listing coliving and coworking spaces located in San Francisco Bay Area and Austin on our platform. We launched five of them on our website as a prototype of our platform in September and October. Two were ephemere and three are long term. We validated the assumption that existing coliving and coworking spaces need help to build communities and be better managed.
- We keep receiving inbound requests from people interested to launch a coliving house with us, validating further the business model to become a Uber/Airbnb for coliving/coworking spaces.
- We maintained our existing houses despite the crisis and it is quiet stabilized for now, helping us to bridge towards our asset light model.
- We currently have a UX and brand designer working on our platform and brand upgrade.
- We got accepted into the Digital Attraxion incubation program in Belgium part of Digital Wallonia and Sambrinvest. It is strategic as we are starting to collaborate with smart cities projects and see how we can integrate our upcoming platform in such initiatives. We got a convertible note that will be given in 2 parts: 25,000 euro then once the platform is launched and, when we meet our KPIs, another 75,000 euro. We are currently building the structure for that, the subsidiary and licensing fees between the two companies seem the best but any advices or if anyone has tips, I would be happy to discuss.
- Our friend and angel investor Rodolfo Graziani invested $25,000 with his friend Julien Solamito.

KPIs 📈 Platform 📲 (New Addition to our KPIs as we are preparing the launch of the beta version in Q1 2021 and transitioning the focus of our business model step by step)
Runrate: $204,782
Properties / Communities Listed: 5 (Goal to reach 10 by launch)
Users: 1083 (List of previous customers in our existing houses over 4 years, goal to reach 2000 potential users by launch)
Houses under Management 🏘
Revenue: $15,433 / Occupancy Rate: 93.05%
Revenue: $15,197 / Occupancy Rate: 82.94%
Revenue: $15,467 / Occupancy Rate: 84.04%
Learnings - Building several different kinds` of communities at the same time requires more tools and system to deliver a quality job. With our current process using community builders and sales people only. It has been proven hard to scale... Can't wait for the platform.
- When working with lawyers, be as straight to the point as possible. They cost a lot of money.
Objectives for Q4 2020
- Find another 10 communities to be launched on our platform.
- Create a waiting list aiming 100+ communities waiting to be launched
- Finish at 90% UX/UI design.
- Increase revenue by 10% monthly.
- Choose and decide on final tech lead for the V1 and start development.
- Finish new brand upgrade and guideline.
- Finish creation of belgian / european subsidiary and accept first part of the convertible note.