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Updates -14 February, 2020

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Happy Valentine's Day ❤️. At Serendipia we do things with love and our heart. We believe the world should build communities and take decision more like that as well and we are grateful you support us on our journey. Again, without you, we wouldn't be here today. Thank you. 
Quick update on the week

- We finished the 2nd week of Mentor Madness during Techstars and had about another 30 mentorship meetings. Overall people are positive about what we are building. The main feedback and learning we are working on now is to implement more tools to structure our operations and create a clear execution plan for the expansion. Important feedback as we are standardizing our business and creating the blue print allows us to open and manage more spaces faster, with less costs and time of management. This will lead to increased profit margins while becoming more attractive for investors.

- We receive regular proposals from people wanting to open our concept in their city or country. It's tempting but we have decided to build a data-driven model to find what will be the best ROI on each next location we open.
- We are very proud of our engineering team as we received great feedback from the AWS team about our architecture and data model ready to scale. Our goal is to have a 2 sided platform that will show our KPIs with accuracy at any moments, very important for investors and to show to all of you as well.

Hightlights & Wins

- Inbound demand stays high from our website, word of mouth, referrals from current customers, and AirBNB. As we reach the $700,000 revenue mark over the last 3.5 years, I want to remind you, it is WITHOUT $1 spent on marketing and with a total amount of $51,000 invested to open 2 locations until we received the $120,000 convertible note from Techstars. imagine as we fundraise and grow...
- The associates at Techstars are amazing and currently migrating our operations into a super well organized Asana and Google Drive structure. As we hire and onboard new people it will make us more efficient. Seems like a detail, but for us the information flow has been a roadblock. Techstars has a playbook for their acceleration programs and we will build a similar model to launch and operate our coliving spaces.


February sales: $25,052
February occupancy rate: 91.15%

March sales: $22,025
March occupancy rate: 78.38%
April sales: $19,285
April occupancy rate: 77.67%


Anyone with an intro to someone working as a coliving space operator for our community operating system user researches interview please?

Serendipitously yours,
- Jean-Loïck 🙂