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Updates - 27 March & April 3 2020

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Let's face it, the way the world was working before Corona won't be the same after Covid19. We, as Serendipia, send our deep condolences and respect to the families of people touched by the current world situation. The world after Covid19 won't be the same... People are getting more used to work online, tons of people are getting fired (including the ones living in our houses), the climate crisis is being fixed, we all consume locally, tons of new little local business are booming, etc. We come back to the local communities and farmer's markets. We feel sorry for the catastrophe but we also like to look at the positive aspect.

During the upcoming recession, coliving will be much needed. People will need to find an affordable place to stay and meet people to rebuild their career with. Also, people will be starving for connexion. Therefore, we don't stop but keep building at Serendipia.

Quick update on the last 2 weeks

- Community wise:
1. Good reactions from people online about the corona safety measures we sent out. Find our blog article here: 
2. Good spirit and good vibes in the houses in San Francisco after a tough couple of weeks. Situation stabilized. However, people keep losing their jobs and can't pay rent. Trying to deal with the landlords in a human way for people's sanity.
3. We put Covid19 content on our website ( to educate the coliving communities about how to deal with the situation.

- Accelerator's wise:
1. The Demo Day is delayed to 29 of April. We will send you a video link for the online Demo Day. We are currently hard working at nailing our story for the pitch. We had a lot of online workshops on communication and storytelling.
2. We learned a lot about fundraising during the workshops.
3. They teach about how to be the startup unicorn that will emerge winner out of the crisis.
- Marketing wise:
1. We keep working on cleaning up the website.
2. We starting to work on our brand refreshing so we can start to apply it for Demo Day.

Highlights & Wins 🙌

- A highlight has been the ongoing negotiations with our landlords as we can't pay much rent anymore. One of the landlords is asking us to leave but that is illegal as London B., mayor of SF, declared they can't put people out. I am still negotiating. Will send a long email this coming week. Wish us luck.
- Another highlight is the current situation is obviously giving us fewer choices on where to focus our energy. So we focus on building the concept and we are less distracted by running operations or business development. We expect to come out strong after Covid19 is over.

KPIs 📈(COVID19 is throwing all through the windows on top of discounted prices)


Sales: $<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> 9918 (6 Cancellations)

Occupancy rate: 46%


Sales: $<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> 6515 (8 Cancellations)

Occupancy rate: 33%


Let's stay close and connected. It is sad for us to see our houses empty as communities is our lifeblood and where our heart is. The best we can do now is to stay in touch, stay connected and keep building the communities of the future together. In the meanwhile, let's keep the vibe going, here is some music for you from the Serendipia Soundcloud:

Stay safe and healthy friends!
Serendipitously yours,
Christin, Drew, Sam, J-Lo,
and all our amazing mentors/advisors/investors ❤️