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Updates - 6 March, 2020

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Hi 😁

We are halfway through the accelerator. What a ride! Thanks a lot to Laura, Chloe, Riccardo and Matthew - the Associates of Techstars going above and beyond to help us do more faster and set us up for success! 🙌
Getting this amount of inputs in a short period of time is challenging. It forces to focus on what matters most. We are now starting to prepare our final presentation for Demo Day April 21 (For the BSH community internally) and April 23 for the wider startup audience of Munich, mentors, investors, and the Techstars community.
Quick update on the week 🔆
- We are building an automated community screening and background check process to filter the new members entering our coliving houses. It will maintain the quality and filtering of communities. But also enabling social recommendations based on interests, goals, and passions. We worked on this with Laura from the Techstars associates.
- We collected "1 word that people think of when they think of Serendipia" from previous customers. The top ones are: Growth, Inspiring, Fun, Community, Sustainability, Friends, Creative, International, Vibrant, and Positive. This feeds into the brand upgrade we are working on with Matthew from Techstars, Sebastian from Serious Business, and Zoe our Creative Director freelance for now.
- We built a competitive analysis of the landscape with Riccardo to see how we differentiate. Hygiene factors are "living as a service experience" and combining a flexible space people can both live and work from. From a customers experience point of view focusing on making people feel part of the community before and after they arrive at Serendipia (emotional security) was best. And last but not least, sharing the positive impact with data along our product about how much more sustainable it is to live at Serendipia is appealing for millennials especially in the Greta Thunberg age. (From another competitive analysis with our UX researcher Jilian)
- Started the process of User centered design with Florian from BSH and creating user stories relevant to our business cases to ensure the first features of our product are helping to reduce cost or time of management + delighting further our community members.
Hightlights & Wins 🙌
- Lots of work in processes for the moment. We learned this week that building a company, even when you are accelerating or facing tough times isn't only about work but more importantly about relationships, creating bonds that last, and having fun along the way. We had a cooking class hosted at the BSH / Geggenau / Neff / BOSH show room from chefs from the local school in Munich. It was delicious. Especially FUN, as you can see above and below.
KPIs 📈
Closing February sales: $25,552
February occupancy rate: 95.86%
March sales: $22,985 (Corona Virus brought one cancellation)
March occupancy rate: 87.11%
April sales: $19,279 (Corona Virus brought one cancellation too)
April occupancy rate: 75.36%
Days it takes to fill in a bed: 5.85 days
Anyone with an intro to someone working as a coliving space operator for our community operating system user researches interview please? Also screening real estate for our next location if anyone has a building they need higher yield management on, we are your people. (Thanks to Ben from Cooley for the intro on this this week)
Serendipitously yours,
- JLO ❤️
P.S. In case you missed out on last week's update, we got you. Go here and write the password: " innercommunity ".