Villa for Change Makers, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Nomads.

  • Because Changing the World Should Be a Celebration!

  • Crossroads of Legendary Washington Square and Columbus Ave.

    In the centre of the Financial District, Telegraph Hill, Chinatown, and North Beach. Welcome to Little Italy.

    One of the most sought-after neighborhood in San Francisco for young driven individuals who enjoy the San Francisco lifestyle.

  • Our Solutionners

    We've got a top notch team! Some of our first members... There is constant fresh blood coming in and out.


    International Business  and Finance Student

    HULT Global Business School


    Social activist, Consultant

    Standing Rock

    United Nations

    Singularity Network



    Founder Tembo Education




    Frogleap Accelerator

    SIngularity University 




    Author,Entrepreneur, Student​

    Wrote Dreaming Lucid and managing the biggest expat network of Sweden


    Founder, Community Builer​

    TechCrunch Disrupt Thailand



    18 Ventures





    From Paris

    The Family


    Founder, Anarchist, Thinker​


    Startup Society




     Serendipia Nest​

    At your service



  • Apply & Get your Serendipia Membership.

    Including washing machine, dryers, water dispenser, coffee, tea, utilities like internet, electricity and water, weekly house cleaning, barbecue, garden, events, amazing friends, an awesome community, desks, shared knowledge space (books, magazines subscriptions to The Economist, Wired, Entrepreneur,...), a park in front, tennis courts, swimming pool and the beach a couple of blocks away... And MUCH MORE! Come and see by yourself! :) Experience the #SERENDIPIA LIFESTYLE.

    Memberships Fees:

    Shared Costs of Living, Learning and Experiencing on a Different Level.


    $1300/month all included

  • The Serendipia Lifestyle: Values First!

    The Solutionners Global Community is like a family - We are sharing common values. We are a culture based community and we put our people in the centered of everything we do! We exist thanks to YOU so, YOU are our priority! ;)



    Attract​ Serendipity.

    Expect the best from anything in life. You are going to think anyway, so think LIMITLESS and BIG. Luck is not a coincidence anymore as it is where hard work meets opportunity. Luck is an attitude!



    Be Curious and Adventurous!

    It is for the risk takers, embracing change and diversity as a force for happiness and success. It is for creative people and independent thinkers. Be yourself and share your soul’s gift with the Serendipia tribe.



    Act Sustainably and Create a Positive Impact.

    Think Global, Act Local. Find solutions to the Global Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Positive creators of this world and Solutionners act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society. Decisions are taking the needs of future generations into account. Opportunities should be equally available regardless of where you are born. SAME OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERYONE!



    Men Sana in Corpore Sano

    A healthy mind in a healthy body. Rebalancing society starts by balancing yourself. Working on your personal peace and well being, embracing art, sports, philosophy and consciousness.



    Turning Ideas into Actions

    Pursue growth, learning and critical thinking. Never stop to perfect your craft. Your mind is your best tool for greater achievements you control what we put into it. Pursuing human flourishment.


    Love, Share, Care, Repeat!

    This is your tribe! Have compassion, unconditional love and integrity for each other. Building deep and honest relationships with open communication.

  • What We Do

    We provide hospitality for startups, risktakers, changemakers, lifelong learners, and global students.

    What is Serendipia House?

    Lifestyle for Positive Inventors of this universe

    A cosy-lounge sanctuary where art meets technology , sustainability and new ideas take place. We are the home for the misfit and the creatives. We are a place of accelerating serendipity where intellects from around the world are crossing path to increase their level of consciousness. We don't neglect the value of men sana in corpore sano. A healthy lifestyle AKA sport activities, healthy food, drinks, lumino therapy and good music will triple your level of focus and productivity.


    A global community of lifestyle LiveWork villas for Changemakers and Positive Inventors​ of our universe in epicentres of innovation worldwide.

    Weekly events and gatherings

    Meet creators, entrepreneurs and changemakers from Silicon Valley during our weekly speakers events, Tea Lounge, creative sessions, barbecues and potlucks. ​

  • Superhero Community


    Healthy environment, fulfilling freetime, replenishing sleep. It's your lounge for success! We’re for the most adventurous people in the world.


    This isn’t a regular co-living / co-working space, it's a power community in a victorian house. We're united by our thirst for knowledge, achievements, barbecue and impact.


    Be spoiled as part of the first batch of our fast growing community. Attend our picnics on Washington Square Park. 



  • Contact 

    Send us a message to schedule a visit or request more info for bookings.

Serendipia Nest
Terms & Conditions

Thank you for becoming a member of Serendipia Nest. These Terms & Conditions govern your stay and experience at the Serendipia Nest, a trademark of Serendipia.house, LLC (a California Company).
By entering in the house, you agree to be bound by these Terms and acknowledge our House Rules, Community Values and Sublease Agreement.
The Serendipia Nest is a community house and workspace where you get access to one place to live, access to a fully equipped kitchen, showers, washer & dryer and other amenities. In addition to that, you are invited to all events happening in the premises. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you agree to participate in the organized activities such as cleanings, group messaging and other activities online and offline.
The following terms are effective immediately and are in effect until new Terms & Conditions are released.


Payments need to be made prior to arrival at Serendipia Nest.
Living space is not reserved without the payment. 
Everyone staying for a duration of more than 30 days needs to pay a refundable security deposit of $500. The deposit will be returned after the check out. 
Check-in time is after 3PM. Early check-ins may be available.

Arrival and stay

Upon arrival every guest is required to join Serendipia Solutionners group and Messenger conversation.

Guests can receive mail and packages at the Serendipia Nest address (717 Union St., San Francisco, CA-94133) for the duration of the stay. Mail and packages addressed to people who are not current guests will be returned to sender.

Accommodation is organized based on famous solutionners. The key to Solutionners staying at home is on the whiteboard and online in the Google Docs. The corresponding pictures of solutionners appear on shelves in the pantry, shelf space inside the rooms, and the fridge.

Serendipia Nest does not provide any food products. Community sharing is encouraged.

Cleaning is organized every week to ensure the cleanliness of the space. Cleaning is charged extra $15/week.
If the space is not clean between the cleaning times - inform the management about the cleaning.
If the deteriorated cleanliness is caused by a specific guest, the guest will have to immediately remedy the situation. Failure to remedy the situation will lead to deductions from the safety deposit.

In case property is damaged the guest is obligated to restore the property to the original state. The repair cost is deducted from the safety deposit or paid immediately. If the damages exceed the safety deposit the guest has to cover the cost, if agreement is not reached the argument will be taken to further legal institutions.

House rules are in effect immediately until replaced or updated. Every time house rules are broken by a guest - the guest has the opportunity to remedy the situation. If the guest fails to remedy the situation - a warning is given to the guest.

If a guest reaches three warnings - he/she has to leave the property in 5 days’ time. 

Departure and Stay Extensions

Check out time is 11AM. Leaving luggage in the house is permitted until later hours after arrangement with the management.

All bookings are non-refundable. If you need to leave earlier let the management know at least 2 weeks in advance.

All bookings are charged at the rate depending on the length of current booking. The previous bookings have no influence on the price. I.e. if you are booking extra 10 days after a month of stay - weekly rate will apply.

If no payment is received after the checkout and guest’s belongings are in the room the removal procedures begin. The fine for removal is $20.

The room is inspected after the check-out. If no damages are done and there are no fines outstanding - the safety deposit is returned at full.