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Updates - 7 February, 2020

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Dear partners, 
Again we a very grateful and humbled by your trust, mentorship and cheerfulness towards Serendipia. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are now. Thank you.
Quick update on the week

- We already met with about 35 mentors during the accelerator, we are learning a lot in every area of our business: legal, finance, marketing, fundraising, scaling, structuring, technology architecture, etc.
- We started to structure the blue print of our ready-to-scale concept and entering into revenue sharing agreement with real estate investors, developers and companies. Right now we are onboarding an architect from the Hawaii Center for Community Architecture to develop the most community focused coliving space in the world. As well as a mindful and conscious designer from California to have a design fitting our brand.
- We have a team of 4 interns from HULT Global Business School in San Francisco (where I studied) starting to working on community building endeavors online and offline. Excited to see how much more engagement and awareness they can generate for us online and in the real world. Their main goal is to increase sale and occupancy rates.
- Last week we said we were going to the moon but realized it was too close so we decided to target the Milky Way, welcome on board!

Hightlights & Wins

- Our web app MVP launched and we got our first payment going through last Tuesday. The customer thought the experience was "Simple and easy ".
- We hired another 2 engineers for Android and iOS development in our mobile apps to integrate Home Connect and start integrating IoT devices ASAP to reduce our cost and time of community management as well as delight further our customers. We now have 4 engineer working full time.


February sales: $25,000
February occupancy rate: 92%
March sales: $22,000
March occupancy rate: 77%
April sales: $18,000
April occupancy rate: 68%


Anyone with an intro to someone working as a coliving space operator for our community operating system user researches?

Serendipitously yours,

- Jean-Loïck

PS: In case you missed out on last week's update, we got you. Go here and write the password: " innercommunity ".