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Updates - 21 February, 2020

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We hope you are doing great. Thanks again for being part of our journey... And what an exciting one!

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Quick Weekly Update
-The third and final week of Mentor Madness came and went this week, in which our team conducted over 40 mentorship meetings. Over the course of these weeks we were able to meet with nearly 100 prospective mentors, and received heaps of great feedback on how we can continue to build and grow Serendipia. We have begun to tackle our next challenge of selecting 3-5 of these candidates to become lead mentors, and are very excited to welcome these leads to the team soon! (Mentor Madness in numbers below)

-The Future Home Accelerator is 5,859 miles away from our home base in San Francisco, but our communities there in North Beach have continued to blossom and grow while we are away. Our community managers Sam and Christine have gone above and beyond in keeping our members engaged, through constant dinners, events, and even organized a picnic on a Bay Area island last weekend. This gives us a peace of mind, and allows us to be 100% focused on growth and development here in Munich. Rockstar community managers like Sam and Christine will be the key to expanding the Serendipia Brand all around the world.

Highlights & Wins

- We have continued to negotiate with real estate players in the market, and keep a constant eye out for locations that could host our future proof of concept for the smartest coliving space in the world
- We recognize the significance of the software that we are building with our B2B SaaS model for coliving facility management, and received some valuable feedback after interviewing with early employees from WeWork, Selena, and head of digitalization at JLL.
- Our franchise demand has stayed strong. We aren't yet ready to launch our franchise model into the market, but are continuing to develop the systems and process to properly do this soon with our potential franchisees that we have in mind. We are interviewing these candidates to ensure that both sides can deliver on everything necessary to properly authenticate the Serendipia brand.


February sales: $25,552

February occupancy rate: 95.86%

March sales: $22,608

March occupancy rate: 83.29%

April sales: $20,014

April occupancy rate: 77.95%

Days it takes to fill in a bed: 3.5 days

Looking for a rockstar UX designer used to community coliving to work with us on on our product along with coliving leaders to interview. 🙂

Serendipitously yours,

- Jean-Loïck and an amazing team

PS: In case you missed out on last weeks' update, we got you. Go here and write the password: " innercommunity ".